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ForenPsych Consulting and Assessment Services is committed to providing expert psychological evaluations to attorneys, courts, and providing expert witness testimony in a variety of forensic psychology specialty areas. Written psychological and psychosexual evaluations are comprehensive and focus on the psycholegal issues at question. These reports have always been accepted by the criminal or civil court and Dr. Vincent has been qualified as an expert witness in forensic psychology in various courts throughout Georgia and Washington State.

Video Conferencing Available!

Psychological evaluations are now able to be completed by HIPAA compliant video conferencing.


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Forensic Psychologist

Dr. Kristina Vincent

Provides Forensic Assessments and Consultations

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Why ForenPsych Consulting and Assessment Services L.L.C.?

Dr. Vincent has expertise in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health issues that can impact an individual’s legal proceedings.  She evaluates a wide range of psycholegal issues including competency to stand trial, dangerousness, and diminished responsibility, such as the insanity defense.  A comprehensive forensic report can affect sentencing by addressing important mitigating circumstances related to a case. In the sentencing phase of a trial, Dr. Vincent can assess and evaluate risk for future violence to provide extenuating factors for the judge or jury to consider.

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ForenPsych Consulting and Assessment Services L.L.C

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Video Conferencing Available

Psychological evaluations are now able to be completed via HIPAA compliant video conferencing


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