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Fee Schedule

In addition to the fee schedule listed below, Dr. Kristina Vincent will consider accepting other fee agreements that may be required or customary for a particular agency, law firm or a specific court.  This work will be accepted on a case-by-case basis, and will require a contractual agreement between the parties.

Evaluation Fees- $250 per hour

Forensic Record/File Review 

Forensic Psychological Testing

Forensic Clinical Interview 

Forensic Report Writing 

Attorney Consultation

Court Testimony Fees- $300 per hour

Testimony Time

Deposition Time 

In-court Consultation/Observation

Travel Fees

Road Travel -$150 per hour
(with reasonable associated expenses)

Air Travel- $500 up to 5 hours, $1000 up to 10 hours

Payment Policy

Following an initial consultation by phone, a retainer of 12 hours ($3,000) is customarily submitted along with the fee agreement of this office.

Evaluations and/or consultation that may not yet require this block of time may be afforded a reduced retainer fee of 8 hours ($2,000). All retainer payments must be submitted, along with the fee agreement, in order to begin work on a case. Upon exhaustion of the fee agreement, monthly invoices will be sent to counsel, and are due upon receipt. Failure to complete payment each month will result in the cessation of work and/or cancellation of any scheduled appointments, pending account payment. Unused retainer balances are returned as credit. All tax preparation must reflect the actual fees paid if a credit balance has been refunded.

Cancellation Policy 

Please contact our office directly at 404-496-8741, to cancel any appointment scheduled with a defendant or plaintiff. Cancellation of a forensic interview and/or testing appointment must be made 5 days prior to that appointment. Since alternative bookings are unlikely at such short notice, our policy includes a charge of 4 hours ($1,000) for all interview appointment “no show” or late cancellations occurring with insufficient notice. This represents the amount of time reserved for your client for this service. A charge of $1,000 is applied for all forensic testing and assessment appointment “no show” or cancellations, occurring with insufficient notice. This represents the minimal time that has been reserved for your client for this service.


It is critical that it is understood that regardless of the source of fees or referral for all evaluations, Dr. Kristina Vincent operates as an independent evaluator and consultant. Conclusions will be offered in an unbiased, ethical and professional manner utilizing a best practices approach. As a consequence, the conclusions and recommendations that result, may not always support the outcome which was anticipated or desired by counsel. You are welcome to discuss the findings of any evaluation in order to determine how you wish to incorporate these services and the conclusions which were drawn in your case.

Fee Schedule: Welcome
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