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Forensic Assessments

ForenPsych Consulting and Assessment Services L.L.C offers psychological expert evaluations in Competency to Stand Trial or Fitness to Stand Trial and other Forensic Psychological Evaluations in Georgia. Referrals from other states will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Evaluations can now also be completed by video conference through secure and HIPAA compliant platform.

All forensic evaluations include a review of pertinent legal, clinical, and medical documentation, a clinical interview examining psychosocial history, incorporation of collateral data, and the administration of psychological testing and/or specialized forensic instruments to evaluate the presence of any psychological disorder or personality characteristics that may impede rational decision making, judgment, or awareness.  Dr. Vincent prepares a comprehensive written report that presents the most relevant facts and offers an opinion on the forensic issues assessed. She is also available to testify about assessment methods, results, and conclusions of forensic evaluations.

Dr. Vincent has expertise in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health issues that can impact a defendant’s legal proceedings.  She evaluates a wide range of psycholegal issues including competency to stand trial, dangerousness, and diminished responsibility, such as the insanity defense.  A comprehensive forensic report can affect sentencing by addressing important mitigating circumstances related to a case.  In the sentencing phase of a trail, Dr. Vincent can assess and evaluate risk for future violence to provide extenuating factors for the judge or jury to consider.

Forensic Evaluations: Services
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