Psychosexual Evaluations

Sex Offender Evaluations Dr. Vincent at ForenPsych Consulting and Assessment Services L.L.C. offers objective, comprehensive, and thorough sex offender evaluations (psychosexual evaluations) for individuals charged with a sexual crime, including pre-plea and pre-sentence sex offender evaluations, as well as sex offender evaluations for probation and sex offender registry.

Sex offender evaluations are evaluations in which an individual who have committed a sex crime is evaluated to determine the level of risk to the community and to determine the best treatment options and placement. The evaluation of a sexual offender requires the forensic examiner to look for risk factors by reviewing materials relevant to the offenses such as: statements to the police, previous psychological evaluations, witness accounts of his/her behavior, and past criminal record.

Psychological testing include assessments such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory – Second Edition (MMPI-2) and the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI). Dr. Vincent’s sex offender evaluation contains a social history, mental status examination and a detailed personality make-up of the individual. Future risk assessment in sex offender evaluations includes the use of empirically validated actuarial instruments (i.e., Static-99R, Static-2002R), the Stable-2007, Acute-2007, application of additional research based risk and protective factors to sexually reoffend, and a clinical interview are also utilized. A detailed examination of test results, clinical interview, and collateral information, allows Dr. Vincent to gain a better understanding whether that individual possesses emotional behavioral disturbances and/or psychopathy that would increase their risk for re-offending.

Dr. Vincent specializes in the evaluation of sex offenders and psychosexual evaluations. Psychological and psychosexual evaluation of a sexual offender requires a review of all materials relevant to the offenses, including statements to the police, previous psychological evaluations, witness accounts of his/her behavior, and past criminal record. Such sex offender psychosexual evaluations typically include a comprehensive review of all available legal, medical, and mental health records.

The sex offender evaluation outlines the individual's mental disorder(s), a prognosis regarding the estimated risk to sexually re-offend including categorical (e.g., Level I, Level II, Level III, Level IVa, Level IVb), relative risk (the unusualness of their scores and how they compare to the typical sex offender), sexual deviancy issues, treatment need and amenability, possible mitigating (protection) factors, and other recommendations as appropriate. The following areas are also investigated in psychosexual evaluations:.

  • Sexual developmental history, sexual arousal patterns and interest, deviance, and paraphilic disorders

  • Personality pathology and strengths

  • Level of deception, denial, minimization and use of justifications

  • Acceptance of responsibility and accountability for behavior

  • Mental disorder and relevant prior mental health history

  • Drug and alcohol use

  • Recent maladaptive behavior

  • Medical/neurological/pharmacological needs

  • Level of violence and coercion

  • Motivation and amenability for treatment

  • High-risk behaviors

  • Risk of re-offense including actuarial risk and other empirical based risk and protective factors

  • Level of treatment and supervision need